22nd of November, 2010 Notice:
Dear Customer,

The MyAccount Page has had a major upgrade for our residential customers. From 25th of November 2010, we are now providing an integrated portal called 'MyClear'. In this portal you are able to manage all aspects of your account with Clear. We trust that you will enjoy the much improved features and communication options available. To start using your new MyClear page simply click on the link below. Your userid is your email address, and your password has not changed. You will be asked to update your contact details on the first login and thereafter you will go straight to the homepage.

Start your MyClear session by clicking here: My Clear Page

For our Business customers, you may still need to login to the old usage meter until your account has been migrated to the new system. To login to your account usage please use the login credentials below:

Email Address  

If you are having any difficulties with this usage meter please contact Support: